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Why CloudMask

Common Criteria Security Certification

Common Criteria certification, the international standard recognized and administered by the security agencies of 26 major countries worldwide. It ensures that a security product meets the top-level requirements of national security, defense and government agencies around the world.

Customized Deployment

CloudMask can be deployed in the Cloud or on premises and customized to your needs. It can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure.

Full Application Functionality

CloudMask can be used with any application without requiring the application to be re-written or modified. There is no loss of functionality with CloudMask deployment.s.

Flexibility Based on Organization’s Security Protocols

CloudMask supports and integrates with any security protocols your organization uses. There will be no need to create duplicate operations or processes.

Comprehensive User & Key Management

CloudMask supports most identity and key management systems. Users will not need to invest in a new system or make extensive changes to use CloudMask.

Best of Breed Encryption Algorithms

While CLOUDMASK uses proven, industry standard encryption algorithms, it can also use any algorithm that the user organization prefers or is required to use.